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Our Products - The "TOP 10"

1. Mobile Finder "MF 01"
With our MF 01 you can find out at any time, where your cars, goods, etc. are. By GPS-Technology the collected data is transfered within given time to a control HQ. The solution is optimized for cheapest data cost. Use below 5 $ / month is possible.

2. Pensized Telephone Recorder "TY 01"
Among others, our biggest customer, the automobile manufacturer "BMW" in Munich/Germany is happily using our handy development.  Reliable recording of telephone calls is possible with fixed, freehands- and mobile phones. Even in hotels and conference rooms there is no better way to record phone talks. Digital data storage in a handy and small design (probably smaller than your cigarette lighter) Up to 8 hours of recording. Easy transfering to Windows-PC with saving and filing possibiliies.

3. Webserver camera solution "WK 01"
Supervise your locations (cashiers room, entrances , production plants, storage rooms) simply over the internet. Our reliable solution WK01 gives you at any time a full view of the situation on-site. In TV-Quality and with up to 15 frames per second.

4. Mobile Switch "MS 01"
Have you ever thought about change a switch without being there personally? ...Ask for our  MS01 solutions.

5. Mobile Alarm "MA 01"
MA01 pays attention on what YOU want. You get a message by SMS, Internet, fax or call, if something goes on, that you would like to know...

6. Mobile Tempalarm "MT 01"
Food factories, chemical laboratories, meteorologists, varnish dryers, pool owners and many more. Who wants to check temperatures on the way, takes advantage of our MT 01 solutions. Software included.

7. Finder Software "FS 01"
Flexible software, that shows and books information that comes wireless from our MF01 and PF01 solutions. Simple and reliable. Like all of our solutions.

8. Ring Information "RI 01"
A phone call - without picking up the phone - does not cost anything. Yet we can transmit with this ring important and time critical information. Ask for one of our RI 01 solutions.

9. Mobile Vehicle Log Book "MB 01"
Do you have to log the ways of your vehicle? MB 01 will fulfill that task for you, without stress.

10. Person Finder "PF 01"
For security reasons. Our PF 01 can help action forces like ambulances, but also elderly people in need of care, by leading help straight to the position, where persons are. Also available as PET FINDER 01 with leather neck collar to supervise dogs and other seldom animals that may run around freely.

We are developers and low quantity producers. By consistent use of our module technology we are capable of serving you QUICKLY the innovative solution to your requirement. Ask us! We  like to help you!